Toy Room Organization

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Toy Room Organization

If you are like me the thought of organizing your kids game room is daunting. My kids have far too many toys. I will say it again for emphasis. MY KIDS HAVE TOO MANY TOYS. It doesn’t matter how many times I purge before Christmas at Spring break time the toy room is overflowing. Partly because my son has a February birthday. I try to take every spring and purge and sort through the kids toys. There is really no easy way to do this but I believe I have found a few items that have helped contain the chaos. So here are my tips for organizing your toy room.

  • Wait until the kids are gone to organize. If you do it while they are there they will suddenly have an attachment to that little bitty teenie hatchimal that was hiding under the couch.
  • Order any organization bins prior to starting. I will link the bins that I bought for this project towards the end.
  • If at all possible try to finish the room in one day. Now this go around it took me several days because I didn’t have a kid free day to work on the toy room.
  • Sort toys by type. For Example: I put all of my sons toy cars together, his dinosaurs are all together, and my daughters LOL collection is all together. This will take some time but I have found the best way to do this is to pick a category and find all of the pieces for that category before you move on.
  • Sort through all of the puzzle pieces and try to pair them back up. I know my kids love puzzles but the pieces always end up everywhere so this step was really time consuming for me.
  • Sort through their books. This time I bought a little stand alone cart on amazon to store all of the coloring books, colors, and other art supplies. This has really helped free up space on the box shelf where they were being stored. try and purge any books that they no longer read. For me this step is really hard because I have a strange attachment to their books. I did manage to get a box worth of books that they are too old for so that was a win.



  • Try to declutter. If you are like me it is easy for things to get cluttered. So this time I was very mindful in where I placed all of the kids toys. I made sure that everything had its own space. If it didn’t have a space it was donated.
  • I also took this time to add more pictures and decor to the toy room just to brighten it up a bit.
  • LEGOS. I found that my kids were no longer using their little table to color but that they were using it to build legos. So I bought these Lego Base Plates from amazon that are self adhesive and stuck them to the table to create a lego table. I also bought these Large LEGO Storage Containers. Which you can stack any way you like. My kids love them and they add to the decor in the toy room.



  • I found that my son struggles to reach all of his favorite toys in our toy room cabinets so I bought a storage bin on amazon that he can reach and it has been a huge success. He can see everything he typically plays with so now he doesn’t have to search and throw toys in the process.




*All of the art work was found at the AT HOME store. I have found that their products are reasonably priced and they typically have a large selection of art work.


If you find that you are not ready to purge all of your children’s toys or want to save them for future children a self storage unit is a great solution. We have a variety of units available at Hwy 157 Self Storage in Euless, TX.

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