Tips for Moving Day!

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Moving is stressful!!! Let’s just put that out there because it is so true. There is a lot that goes into moving and a lot of moving pieces. When will you close on your new home? When is your move in date for that new apartment complex? When do you start that new job? What if your work visa doesn’t come though in time for the move? Everyone’s moving story and situation is different. We complied a list of tips to help you prep for your move.

  • Get Organized weeks in Advance when possible. Pack non-essential items as soon as possible. And store your boxes in a location that is easy to access but out of the way. Maybe the garage is a good option or for others a self storage unit is the way to go.
  • Figure out your moving day strategy ahead of time. How are you getting from point A to point B? Do you need to rent a Penske truck for the move? Are you hiring movers?
  • That this opportunity to Purge!! Moving is a great way to purge items and to help minimize your life. You could always try the Marie Kondo method and see what items Spark joy in your life.
  • Take Inventory. If you are hiring a moving company it is important to take an inventory of what all you have to make sure nothing is misplaced during your move.
  • Labeling: Label all of your boxes and plastic storage containers so it is easier for the movers to place items in the correct room and to make it easier to unpack.
  • Find out your HOA or Community rules: Some condos and apartments have certain times that you are allowed to move. Especially if you will be using a freight elevator.
  • Moving day Essentials: You will want to pack a suitcase or box with your daily essentials that you will need immediate upon moving. IE: Toothbrush, Deodorant, Hairbrush, other hygiene products.
  • Be prepared for moving: Make sure when your movers arrive that all of your items are packed. That way the move will go quickly and efficiently.
  • Hook up essential utilities: Try and have your essential utilities hooked up prior to move in.
  • PETS: Have your new space setup as much as possible before moving your pets. It will also insure that your pets do not get loose from the new location while movers are going in and out.

Moving is stressful but once everything is set up it will all be worth it. If you need any extra storage space or truck rental Hwy 157 Self Storage Euless, TX is here to help. We carry essential packing supplies and rent Penske trucks to help with your move.

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