13 Tips for Organizing your Self Storage Unit

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  • 1) Purge: The first step should be to PURGE and Donate any items that you no longer need or want. This is always a good idea to do while you are moving or in a transition phase.
  • 2) Sort: Sort belongings by categories. (EX: Clothes, Kitchen, Holiday decorations, bedroom)
  • 3) Box Size: Stick with 2 box sizes. That way it is easier to stack boxes in your self storage unit. If you have too many box sizes it will be harder to stack them neatly.
  • 4) Label: Clearly Label all of your boxes. This is a huge help when you start unpacking and will make your move go a lot smoother.
  • 5) Packing: Do not over pack your boxes. You have a greater chance of things breaking or boxes not being able to bear the weight if you over pack. Put your heavier items in the bottom and then your lighter items on top. That way the box is not top heavy.
  • 6) Breakables: Always properly secure breakables items. Use Bubble wrap or packing paper on glass items such as dishes and mirrors.
  • 7) Seal boxes: Always seal your boxes with packing tape to keep dust off of your items and securely seal the box for transportation to your self storage unit.
  • 8) Plan ahead: Do not wait until the last minute to find your self storage facility. Always do your research and find a facility that is well kept, well lite, and secure.
  • 9) Maintain Access: Stack your boxes in a way that allows you to access each box.
  • 10) Keep important items up front: Items that you might need quick access to should be kept upfront.
  • 11) Take Furniture apart: Taking some items such as tables apart may help you save space and make the most of your self storage unit. Just make sure you put all the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag to keep them together.
  • 12) Buy a Lock: Make sure you buy a good lock for your self storage unit. This will help keep your items secure.
  • 13) Insure your storage unit: Make sure to contact your insurance company to make sure your self storage unit is covered in the event of an emergency situation or act of God.